Your First Visit

A first visit to a new church can be intimidating.  Our minds quickly fill with all kinds of questions like:


 “What happens when I enter the building?”

 “What should I wear?”

 “What kind of service can I expect?”

 "Will I have to do anything embarrassing?”


At Lake Presbyterian, we want to try to answer those questions for you.  Below are a few answers to commonly asked questions.


What should I expect when I enter the building?

A Warm and Appreciative welcome.

Our worship starts at 10:30 A.M., yet many arrive as early as 9:45 or 10:00 to meet in our Gathering Area for coffee, fellowship, or chatting while sitting and relaxing.  A video presentation with the church’s upcoming events and announcements begins at 10:00 with a 5-minute countdown to the Worship Service starting at 10:25.  Please enter the Sanctuary with reverence and expectation.


What should I wear?

Dress is Business-casual.

Our pastor wears a clergy robe as is our tradition.  However, we want you to be comfortable.  For some people that may mean putting on a suit and tie while others are a bit more comfortable wearing jeans and a polo shirt.


What kind of worship service can I expect?

A Holy Experience.

Our goal is to enjoy our reverent and joyful worship experience through the hallowed elements of: liturgical Call to Worship, Prayer of Invocation, Prayer of Confession and Forgiveness, congregational prayer time, Lord’s Prayer and Apostles creed.  Hymns, choir presentations and special music are an additional spiritual component.  Our main emphasis is upon the proclamation of the Gospel message through the Biblical preaching and teaching ministry of our pastor.


How long should I expect to be there?

The service will last about an hour.


What Bible should I bring?

Your own personal translation is fine. Our pastor preaches from the NIV Bible.


Will I have to do anything embarrassing?

No, your privacy is respected.


If you need any more info or have any other questions about our church feel free to call the Lake Presbyterian Church office (573-348-0770) or email our church secretary at


Church Life

Monthly Emphasis:

1st Sunday—Communion Sunday.  (Intinction and Traditional) Open to all.

2nd Sunday—Friend Sunday.  (Bring as many as you like!)

3rd Sunday—Anniversary and Birthday Sunday. (Cake afterwards)

4th Sunday—Prayer Sunday.  Open altar at end of worship service for special needs and concerns.


Christian Education:

See the calendar for this week's events.



Wednesday evenings at 6:00 P.M.

Sunday Mornings at 10:00 A.M.


Food and Fun:


What We Believe

Lake Presbyterian Church is a Confessing Church: conservative in values; biblically-based; believing in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  As a Confessing Church, and as part of the Reformed family of faith, we affirm the following:



We are an unashamedly evangelical congregation whose greatest desire is for people to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, get to know Him better as their personal Lord, and grow to be like Him as their personal Mentor and Friend. As our outside sign denotes, “We are a Biblical, Conservative Church Family.”


Our Core Values

  1. The Gospel is central to everything we do.
  2. God is to be worshiped in both joy and reverence.
  3. Prayer is essential; apart from Jesus, we can do nothing.
  4. God's Word is truth and is preached and taught to transform lives.
  5. All people are valuable because they are created in the image of God.
  6. Outreach and service to the lake community is essential priority of the church.
  7. All Christians are gifted by God for service and are happiest as they use their gifts.
  8. All people are entrusted to us by God to be nurtured and discipled in the faith.


Our Church Motto

“Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known”


Our Church Purpose Statement

We Live to Worship Christ

We Worship by Loving Christ

We Grow by Following Christ

We Serve by Sharing Christ


Pastor’s Sermons

Pastor’s sermons are Christ-Centered and Biblically based.  Each sermon is an expositional message (Expositional preaching at its simplest is preaching that is focused on explaining the meaning of Scripture in its historical and grammatical context. Expositional preaching involves explaining what the Bible says to a contemporary audience that is likely unfamiliar with the cultural and historical settings that the passage was written in) presented almost always as a series of messages.  Please see our sermon page for recent sermon outlines and audio.