About Us


Contact Information


Lake Presbyterian Church

5716 Osage Beach Parkway

P.O. Box 1179

Osage Beach, MO 65065

Telephone 573 348 0770




Office Hours


The church office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 A.M. till noon.


The recorder is on at all other times and you can leave a message.


Rev. Dr. David A. Cook

Staff and Leaders

Chris Buttram, Administrative Assistant

Chris Winter, Music Director

Pam Winburn, Organist

Kim Lapeyre, Pianist

Susan Hale, Lamb House Coordinator

Frank Yates, Hope House Coordinator

Rev. Tom Buzbee, Hope House representative

Bob Schlutow, Events Coordinator

Bernice Cook, In-House Media Coordinator


Rev. James A. Snyder, Honorably Retired



Carol Barnum

Bernice Cook

Jerry Ludwick

Sheryl Miller

Kathi Schlutow

Chris Winter


Frank Yates, Clerk




Bob Schlutow, Moderator

Gene Miller




Kim Lapeyre, Moderator

Mike Devlin

Cindy Eggers

Joe Murray

Matthew Oddo

Rosemary Schneider

Jeannie Teichgraeber

Pam Winburn

Information Request


If you desire more information about our Church, or want to book a wedding here, please email the Administrative Assistant. Thank you.


Lake Presbyterian Church is available for funerals. Please make arrangements through the funeral home or contact our Pastor.